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What vaccines do you require? For dogs it would be rabies, distemper, and bordetella. It also strongly recommended that your dog be vaccinated for canine influenza. For cats it would be rabies and distemper.

Should I bring my pets food in? This is up to you. We tend to recommend that you do. Often time’s pets can develop a loose stool and even diarrhea from the sudden diet change. Also the fewer changes your pets have to make, the less stressful and easier it is for them while you’re away.

If my pet uses your food, what kind is it? We use and recommend Hill’s Science Diet products. Typically we use the Sensitive stomach formulas, both canine and feline. And given that it’s probably not the same food you use at home, we have found that this formula is easier on their digestive tract. We also have several flavors of canned food as well.

Can my dog or cat still be groomed even if it isn’t boarding? Yes absolutely! We are a full service grooming salon as well and offer appointments six days a week.

How much does grooming cost? That really depends on the breed, condition, and the services actually performed. You can certainly give us a call for an estimate and we will do our best to let you know but understand this may change at the time of service and is only an estimate.

What if my dog is not social, can he/she still board? Absolutely! Although we offer doggie-daycare for the social dogs as an option, it isn’t a requirement for boarding. We maintain separate enclosures for all pets while boarding and have several other activities and options for your dogs in case playing with other dogs isn’t its strong suit.

Will my dog get walked? Yes definitely! We have very large and open outside exercise areas for our guests (totally fenced of course). Included in our standard boarding charges, your dog will be brought outside to this area and let off leash (3) times daily. You can however add to this if your pet needs more time outside or more activity.

My dog is used to ______________; can you do this for him or her? We try our best to accommodate the individual needs or requests of all pets and owners alike, we feel it’s one of the things that separate us from “Corporate America” and are happy to do so (within reason of course)!

So you board cats, are they separate from the dog areas? Yes our cat room is separate and away from the dog areas. Our cattery was also insulated with sound proofing material within the walls and ceiling to create acoustical isolation from the barking noises that our canine guests make.

Can my cat also go outside while boarding? Absolutely! We have a fully enclosed kitty gazebo/playscape which our feline guests love. It gets them outside in the fresh air while keeping them safe and secure.

Can my pets stay together? Definitely! Well dogs with dogs and cats with cats. We cannot board different species together safely. Often times having a companion to board with from the same family makes them feel more comfortable. Sometimes treats or feeding can be an issue so we can separate just for feeding if needed.

What time is drop-off? You’re welcome to drop off anytime during our posted business hours.

What time is pick-up? You’re welcome to pick your pets up anytime during our posted business hours although if you pick up after 1pm on the day of discharge, you will be charged a day board fee for the partial day unless your pet is scheduled for grooming, in which case the pick-up time will be determined by when the grooming is complete.

What if my pet needs medical attention while boarding? In the unlikely event that your pet should need medical attention, we have immediate access to VCA Valley Animal Hospital and can have your pet seen right away.

These are some of the common questions we get asked but as always if you have any questions or concerns not addressed by this website, please feel free to contact us directly at 860-289-1509.

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