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Doggie Daycare

Valley Boarding Kennels offers doggie-daycare to our clients. If your dog is social and behaves well with other dogs then bring your dog in to play all day while you’re at work, running errands or just to give your dog that outlet they need to burn off excess energy.  Doggie-daycare offers so many advantages to your dog and can really alleviate a lot of problems as well.

How many of you are busy with work, kids, school, sports? The list goes on and on. Well while you’re busy with all those things your dog is sitting at home, cooped up or worse, in a crate while waiting for someone to interact with. Now after a long and busy day, the last thing you have is the energy left to give your dog the kind of exercise and stimulation they truly need. At doggie- daycare your dog will be playing both indoors and outdoors all day in a supervised setting that was designed specifically for dogs. When you pick up your dog he/she will be ready to take it easy alongside you... You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your dog had plenty of exercise and stimulation making relaxing and enjoying each other’s company after a long day a guilt free experience.

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